viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

La venganza de las medusas

Wurlitzer from gavin whelan on Vimeo.
Music: 'Wurlitzer' by 'The Lushlife Project'
This Short was produced and created at Sabertooth Interactive in Venice California with the help of David Cullipher.
The concept came from the idea of extreme Juxtaposition. Taking two separated environments and putting them together. The Human world, dilapidated, Crumbling, Tangled and the ethereal, beautiful and alien deep sea creatures. Its meaning is open to interpretation.
Thank you to all the great artists at Sabertooth who helped create this.

Concept: Gavin Whelan
Director: Gavin Whelan and David Tanielu
Cg Artists:
Gavin Whelan, David Tanielu, Joseph Lu, Qz Chen, John Fitzgerald, Carlos Fareas
Compositing: Gavin Whelan, Kristol Kamholtz

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